Honoring Our Confederate Heritage & Virtues

Being Friendly

August 13, 2018

When the battle wasn’t raging, Yankee and Rebel soldiers were known to get along with each other. Confederate Private Sam Watkins tells a story about a Sunday after the Battle of Chickamauga. He came and his buddies came to relieve some sentries on the Tennessee River. There was a Union outpost on the opposite riverbank. […]

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The Civil War Private

August 10, 2018

If you have spent much time reading here, you probably know Private Sam Watkins of Company H, First Tennessee Infantry. Sam had a keen eye for nonsense, and his tales were often told with humor. He saw things as the man on the firing line, from the bottom of the totem pole. In his words: […]

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“Turn back, turn back! We’re whipped.”

May 30, 2018

It was July 31st, 1861. Federal troops were just north of Manassas, Virginia. There were many who thought they would send the Rebels reeling, putting an end to the rebellion. The day was Sunday, and a throng of civilian sightseers had come down from the U.S. capitol, just 25 miles away. Lieutenant Tibdall commanded a […]

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“All were American Soldiers…”

May 24, 2018

“All were American soldiers…” We often hear today what the Civil War was all about. Professors and reporters and “very important” folks tell us. And with what conviction they tell us! But I rarely hear from the scholars about why the man in uniform was fighting. Seems the soldier is simply forgotten. I usually write […]

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Did Robert E. Lee have any Regrets?

May 18, 2018

The photo you see above is Robert E. Lee with his son, in 1845. Someone asked me whether Lee ever regretted fighting for the South. General Long worked alongside Lee. He wrote Lee said the following, a day or two before surrender at Appomattox: “…I have never believed we could…make good in the long run […]

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His Court Martial Almost Ended It

May 2, 2018

We know how George Armstrong Custer met his end. But did you know he fought in the Civil war from the first major battle all the way to Appomattox? We have copies of his correspondence with several friends that were then fighting for the South. That’s Custer on the right above. And by the way, […]

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“All were American soldiers…”

April 27, 2018

We often hear why the Civil War was fought. Professors and reporters and “very important” folks tell us. And with great conviction they tell us! But you rarely hear from these scholars about why the man in uniform was fighting. Seems the soldier is simply forgotten. I usually write about a person. Sometimes about an […]

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He “warn’t afraid of nuthin’ or nobody.”

April 11, 2018

Many know Confederate cavalrymen like J.E.B. Stuart, or the fierce Nathan Bedford Forrest. But Robert E. Lee believed that Confederate General Wheeler (who later served as a Major General in the U.S. Army) was one of his two best Cavalry officers. Wheeler graduated from West Point (ironically, his lowest marks were in Cavalry Tactics). His […]

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General Eisenhower on Robert E. Lee

April 3, 2018

General Dwight Eisenhower retired with five stars on his shoulders. He was the Supreme Allied Commander of World War II. Later, he became the President of the United States. In 1960, Leon Scott wrote Eisenhower a letter. It began: Dear Mr. President:  At the Republication Convention I heard you mention that you have the pictures […]

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“Halt! Halt! Halt! and bang! went his gun”

March 27, 2018

That photo is of David Eammons Johnston, only 17 when he joined up with Company D of the Virginia Seventh Regiment. After the war, Johnston wrote a book. He explains: “The chief motive which inspires this undertaking is to give some meager idea of the Confederate soldier in the ranks, and of his individual deeds […]

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