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Charlottesville Judge Says Confederate Statues Don’t Have Discriminatory Message

September 13, 2019

Judge Richard Moore says the 1904 state statute was amended several times, covers all wars, and statues don’t have a discriminatory message.   CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – A Charlottesville judge is denying an equal protection claim from city attorneys over Confederate statues. Judge Richard Moore said Wednesday, September 11, that the 1904 state statute was […]


Fort Sumter to Appomattox Courthouse: The Story of A Confederate Sharpshooter

January 8, 2019

Berry Benson Confederate Sharpshooter Berry Benson was a young Confederate sharpshooter who served in General Samuel McGowan’s First South Carolina Brigade. His memoirs were recently published by the University of Georgia Press as Berry Benson’s Civil War Book. He was in uniform and there for the Civil War’s first gunshots in April of 1861.  He distinguished himself […]


Group Puts Up Billboard Calling for Removal of Seattle Confederate Monument

November 2, 2018

The Make It Right Project erected a billboard on capitol hill, reminding local Seattle residents of Confederate memorial found in the Lakeview Cemetary. The Seattle monument was built by the United Daughters of Confederacy, who has advocated for its movement to a more appropriate location. The Seattle monument is carved from a piece of Stone […]


Images of Trump Supporters Slapped on NYC’s Trash Cans: ‘Keep NYC Trash Free’

October 30, 2018

he controversial images popped up on trash cans and in train stations in Manhattan’s Lower East Side were not authorized by the city’s officials, Pix 11 reported. The slogan for the posters, “Keep NYC Trash Free.” One image defacing a trash can shows a man who is wearing a MAGA hat while holding a Chick-fil-A […]


Confederate Flags Honored on Current State Flags

October 30, 2018

When the Arkansas flag was adopted in 1913 it had three stars in the center, representing the countries to which it belonged before statehood. In 1923, a fourth star was added to symbolize that Arkansas had been part of the Confederate States of America.   From 1868 to 1900, Florida’s flag was the state seal on a […]


Sherman’s Brutal Order

October 29, 2018

Union General Garrard’s cavalry had occupied Roswell, Georgia. The tiny town had two cotton mills that manufactured sheets, canvas and rope. But they also made grey-colored cloth used for Confederate uniforms. The men off to war, women and young girls were doing the mill work. A Frenchman had temporary ownership of one of the mills. […]

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